Rate The Landing! ROUGH Landings VS SMOOTH Landings | GO Around, Crosswind Landings & More!

Published on October 11, 2021 by

Seen here is part 3 of the rate the landings series. You get to rate the several landing, was is bad or very smooth? Over the years I filmed a lot of aircraft landing, some of them being quite harsh. Pilots slamming their planes on the runway or gently landing their landing gear on the runway. Landing as butter, as I sometimes in the comments read. I remember in particular the Boeing 747-4F from Atlas Air slamming their gear so hard on the runway it bounced on the runway! Also in this video a few crosswind landing during a storm with 7/8bft winds and the Turkish Airlines A330 going around because of a windshear. Including the massive Airbus A380 from Emirates landing in heavy wind conditions. But some pilots have better weather or are aces in landing, like the Garuda Indonesia and KLM pilots. ENJOY! ⇊For more info & Aircraft shortcuts⇊

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