OU Protection

How to delete a protected OU in Active Directory (AD)

Struggling to delete an Organisation Unit (OU) from Active Directory? If so follow these easy steps.

1, RDP onto one of your Domain Controllers within the Forest
2, Open Active Directory Users and Computers
3, Click View and then click Advanced Features, this will enable additional properties when right-clicking on OUs
4, Now navigate to the OU you would like to delete and right-click, select properties
5, Select the Object Tab
6, You should now see the checkbox as shown below, “Protect object from accidental deletion” – Untick this box and then Apply and click OK

Screenshot 5

7, You can now right-click on the OU and delete this.

Please note any OUs under the one you are wanting to delete will also be deleted so be careful

Thank you for reading, I hope this has helped you.

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