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Enabling Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms (MTR)

When purchasing a Microsoft Teams Meeting Room Device (MTR) for this to function properly you must configure your Office365 Tenant correctly, this brief guide will give you instructions on how to do this using the Office365 UI.

If you have not yet selected the Microsoft Teams Certified Device then head over to this site or speak with a trusted AV/VC specialist such as ISDM Solutions who can assist with the purchase, installation, configuration & ongoing support if required.

Creating a room account

1, Navigate to Office365 & log in using a Global Administrator account
2, Choose Rooms & Equipment under Resources
3, Click Add within the Toolbar and then fill out the required information such as Type, Room, Email, Capacity & Location, when completed select Save at the bottom of the form

Now that the room account has been created we are going to now need to license this, there are a number of options available:

E3/E5 Licensing
If you already have E3 with a phone system and VIdeo Conferencing or E5, although this is overkill, you can still assign this license to the room account.

Meeting Room Licensing (Preferred Method)
Select “Meeting Room License” this additionally gives you
Skype For Business Online (Plan 2)
Phone System
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Intune
Audio Conferencing

Now you have assigned the license to the room account you are going to need to select a password for this account as you will log in using these credentials on your new Microsoft Teams Meeting Room (MTR) to do this navigate to UsersActive Users and search for the account you created in the previous step and set the password as desired.

You can now login with the account created on your new Microsoft Teams Meeting Room (MTR)

Note: Microsoft are seeing huge demands for the Microsoft Team License, Microsoft has previously advised when applying this license it can take up to 72 hours for this to come into effect so ensure you do the above in plenty of time before the installation.


Why don’t we just use a generic user account?
You can use a generic user account for room devices however the account will not appear in Outlook or Microsoft Teams as a bookable resource and the user account will not auto-accept / decline the meeting room when booked so please ensure a Resource is used.

Can I prevent the password from expiring on the MTR device?
Yes, please run the below command in PowerShell to prevent the password from expiring

Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName [email protected] -PasswordNeverExpires $true

We hope this has been educational and if this post has helped you out please do comment below and let us know if you found this easy to read & follow.

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