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Bulk Creation of Resources within Office365 using Microsoft Powershell

Using Powershell to bulk create resources within Office365 is much quicker than using the Office365 admin web interface, this article will go over the steps to create these resources in bulk using a CSV file.

Resource Creation – Powershell

1, Open Microsoft Excel and add the resources in the below format ensuring the name, email address, and capacity field are populated. Once populated save the excel document as a CSV file.

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2, Open Powershell & type enter the below commands

Allow the running of remote scripts

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Connect to Exchange Online

Connect-ExchangeOnline -Credential $UserCredential -ShowProgress $true

Import the CSV file into Powershell

TIP: Ensure the information is correct on the CSV file before you run this command as this will start the process of resource creation

TIP: Global Administrator Credentials are required to run this next step

Import-csv .\Resources.csv | foreach{ New-Mailbox -Name $ -Room -PrimarySmtpAddress $_.emailaddress -ResourceCapacity $_.capacity }

3, If successful you should now see an output from Powershell which looks similar to the below showing the resources being created within your Office365 Tenant.

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4, Login to the Office365 Admin Console to check you can now see these resources, this can be located under Resources – Rooms & equipment.

TIP: Although you now see these resources within Office365 Microsoft advises it can take up to 12 hours to use these resources properly as it can take this long to full provision.

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