How to upgrade a MacBook MacOS (Software Update)

Apple regularly release upgrades for all devices, the quickest way to see if an update is needed for your device is to check from the “About This Mac” menu.

1, Click on the apple logo (top left of your screen)
2, Select, “About This Mac”
3, A new window will appear with two boxes, one saying “System Report & the other saying “Software Update” – Select Software Update
4, An additional window will now open and check to see if you have any updates available, if an update is available select Install Now.

Please note you will need access to the Internet to check for updates. Your device communicates with the Apple Update Servers to check MacOS levels.

Whilst upgrading your MacBook may reboot multiple times, please ensure you have the device plugged into a power outlet.


Hope this article helps you will the upgrade of a MacBook.

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