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My Covid-19 Experience & Day by Day Symptoms

Background: I am a male living in the UK aged 33 years of age & have had both vaccines (AstraZeneca) first shot in April, the second shot in July 2021.

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Within my household, there are three people, my girlfriend me & my 13-year-old son.

Here is my timeline along with my symptoms, I hope this helps anyone who is unsure if they have coronavirus or wondering what is next in terms of symptoms.


Wednesday 15th September: My son informs me his friend has tested positive for Covid-19 and is now self-isolating so will not be at school. My son is in the same class as this child and catches the bus with him in the morning.

Thursday 16th September: The child’s mum messages me on Instagram informing me and advising me I should get my son tested, he shows no symptoms and seems his normal self so I don’t bother.

Saturday 18th September: My son starts telling me he feels sick but isn’t sick, I don’t really take much notice of this as I was under the impression Covid would present coughing, running nose etc. We continue as normal.

Sunday 19th September: My son starts saying he is feeling warm, alarms bells now start ringing so we book a PCR test for tomorrow

Monday 20th September: My partner takes my son for a PCR test whilst I stay in bed, strangely I feel really tired today, maybe I didn’t get enough sleep

Tuesday 21st September: My son’s test comes back positive, SMS message received from the NHS reading:

NHS COVID-19 Notification: Dear RECIPIENT
Test date: 20 September 2021
Your coronavirus PCR test (or other lab test) result is positive. It’s likely you had the virus when the test was done.
You must self-isolate immediately for 10 days to avoid infecting others.
This includes the day your symptoms started (or the test date if you’ve no symptoms) and the next 10 full days.

I start to feel a little bit like I am getting a cold or the flu so I decide it is best if I go for a test but I am adamant my illness is just a cold as I am very careful when I go out, always wear a face covering and always washing my hands but I go anyway with my Partner for a test.

Wednesday 22nd September: Chatting with the family over text as we met up over the weekend and they are worried because they were around my son who is now positive and my sister jokes I bet you have it too which I laugh it off. 11:01 am I receive an SMS

NHS COVID-19 Notification: Dear RECIPIENT
Test date: 21 September 2021
Your coronavirus PCR test (or other lab test) result is positive. It’s likely you had the virus when the test was done.
You must self-isolate immediately for 10 days to avoid infecting others.
This includes the day your symptoms started (or the test date if you’ve no symptoms) and the next 10 full days.

My partner receives an SMS around the same time however she is NEGATIVE, my illness so far which I will explain below now makes sense as it did feel something a bit more substantial than a cold but I didn’t like to say anything.

This now means I am legally housebound until 1st October :*(

Thursday 23rd September: My first Lateral Flow Covid-19 test has come back positive, since Tuesday 21st I was taking home tests & they were all reporting negative, I must now be shedding the virus quite rapidly as the home test picks it up.

Friday 24th September: Lateral Flow Test is now on the mark and picking it up every day by the looks of it

IMG 2865

Recorded this for readers who are interested to see how it reports a positive test, looks like the T comes up first followed by the C

Sunday 26th September: I continue to keep testing, I am intrigued to know when these Lateral Flow tests will stop detecting I have CoronaVirus, I need to isolate until 1st October

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The timeline will continue as the day’s progress, I will update this post.

What were your symptoms?

Thinking back now I know what I do my symptoms started on the w/c 13th September however I wasn’t to know as my son had not yet been diagnosed & I was certain I was doing all the right things to keep myself and my family protected.

I found during that week doing the most simple things a challenge at work, it was as if I had not slept properly for a few days or my mind was “fogged up” – at the time I just put this down to maybe lack of sleep or maybe something I had eaten or I was just having an off week.

My symptoms really started to show on Monday 20th September, my alarm went off for work but I struggled to get out of bed, as in I felt drained, I ended up taking the day off work.

Tuesday comes around & now I start to feel like I am getting a cold, I feel cold, goosebumps, aching, and extremely thirsty all the time, given my son’s diagnosis yesterday I opt to take a test. Bedtime comes around I am really tired but I cannot stop shaking and I feel awful, every time I shake this causes aches as I am moving, I really struggle to sleep!

Wednesday morning, I receive my test results – Positive! 🙁 – Surreal experience, we hear about Covid-19 in the news all the time, however, this virus which originated from Wuhan China is now alive & Inside my body causing havoc!

Wednesday night was no fun trying to sleep, I woke up twice during the night both times drenched wet through with sweat, may have had a total of about 3 hours of sleep.

Thursday – Still feeling dreadful/tired but now I have noticed my smell and taste have both gone, my smell 100% is no longer existent, my taste however is really weird – I can taste, sweet, salty, sour etc but that is it – for example, my other half cooked me a bacon sandwich, during eating it if I was blindfolded someone could have convinced me I was eating a warm salt sandwich.

A sore throat creeps in followed by a tickly cough

Friday – Waking up again with night sweats, really getting fed up of this now when will it go? The longest I have felt unwell with a cold/flu is about 3 days – this virus is outstaying its welcome!!

Sunday – Writing this for you today, I am starting to feel much better but my taste and smell is still non-existent which I am very worried about, I do hope I am not one of those who lose it for a long period of time as I really do enjoy sampling new foods! The sore throat as if someone has rammed razer blades down there still exists.

I know I am not out of the woods yet and I will continue to update this but to recap in the event you do not have time to read all the above my symptoms was:

Runny nose
Loss of taste
Loss of smell
Night sweats
Brain Fog
(The inability to focus)
Sore Throat
(Mostly feeling cold but this varied)
Slight hearing loss (as if I was bunged up which affected my earing somehow)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I will continue to update this as my body continues to fight the virus, I really am looking forward to putting this behind me so that I can continue to live a normal life, not being able to go out is driving me insane & I cannot turn to food or snacks as I cannot taste them!

More information on Coronavirus can be found by clicking here

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