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Trial the Metaverse using the BETA Platform

Whilst navigating through Google trying to find information about the Metaverse we stumbled across a company we have never heard of before or were able to find any other information however if the website is real then potentially this could be one to get signed up to as a trial. The website contains no real […]

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Facebook DOWN

WhatsApp Facebook & Instagram DOWN MAJOR DNS Issues

A similar issue with the three apps was recorded in 2019 & 2008 when they crashed for around two hours before returning to being fully functional. Facebook has apologised after global reports of people having problems accessing its platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp. Those two services and Facebook itself have all reportedly crashed, with users […]

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How to upgrade iphone

How to upgrade iPhone / iPad iOS (Software Upgrade)

Apple regularly release upgrades for all devices and it is recommended as & when these are released users upgrade & especially when security patches are released as this protects you, your data & your device. To upgrade your iPhone or Ipad follow the below guide 1, Select Settings on your Ipad or Iphone, you should […]

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How to upgrade a MacBook MacOS (Software Update)

Apple regularly release upgrades for all devices, the quickest way to see if an update is needed for your device is to check from the “About This Mac” menu. 1, Click on the apple logo (top left of your screen) 2, Select, “About This Mac”3, A new window will appear with two boxes, one saying […]

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How to print screen using a MacBook (Screenshot MacOS)

macOS has the pre-built feature which allows you to print screen (Screenshot) by simply pressing a few hotkeys, these hotkeys are listed below How to take a screenshot on your Mac To take a screenshot, press and hold these three keys together: Shift, Command, and 3.  If you see a thumbnail in the corner of […]

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AV Collective launches regional pro AV roadshows

UMA is attending the AV Collective Pro AV Roadshows Exhibitors will include UMA, Bose, Sennheiser, Barco, Avocor, T1V, Sound Control Technologies, Lenovo, and more at three events in the south and north of England and in Scotland in September. Sound Control Technologies and a group of other like-minded companies, including Avocor, Barco, Bose, Lenovo, MAXHUB, […]

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MTR, Microsoft Teams Room

Enabling Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms (MTR)

When purchasing a Microsoft Teams Meeting Room Device (MTR) for this to function properly you must configure your Office365 Tenant correctly, this brief guide will give you instructions on how to do this using the Office365 UI. If you have not yet selected the Microsoft Teams Certified Device then head over to this site or […]

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Enhanced Security Configuration

Content from the website listed below is being blocked by the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration on Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Server by default enables the Enhanced Security Configuration which restricts visiting websites using Internet Explorer. How to disable this 1, Remote Desktop onto the server and Open Server Manager2, Select Local Server on the right-hand side3, Look for IE Enhanced Security Configuration as shown below 4, Select IE Enhanced Security Configuration and change […]

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OU Protection

How to delete a protected OU in Active Directory (AD)

Struggling to delete an Organisation Unit (OU) from Active Directory? If so follow these easy steps. 1, RDP onto one of your Domain Controllers within the Forest2, Open Active Directory Users and Computers3, Click View and then click Advanced Features, this will enable additional properties when right-clicking on OUs4, Now navigate to the OU you […]

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PowerShell Commands

Changing Timezones using Microsoft Powershell

When an administrator of a company creates a resource in Office365 during the initial setup they are not asked to specify a Timezone for that resource, as the resource has no specified Timezone Office365 uses (UTC+00:00) Monrovia, Reykjavik which can be verified by logging into the resource using a web browser selecting Settings – Timezone. Should you run […]

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